Mom Secrets

Director: Gary Paitre

These Videos are Made for Mothers all around the world.. Doesn't matter where they are from, they all need to be loved and have their special way to show it !
That's why we Love them.

Now, Moms developed a secret weapon to get the Love they deserve..

Discover it, in these videos…


A Production by : Fh-Studio
Producer: Faiçal Hajji
Original Idea & Director : Gary Paitre
Director of Photography: Chuck & Twist (Represented by Fh-Studio)
Light Master: Glenn Moores ( represented By Fh-Studio)
DOP Assistant: Mathieu Langevin
Make Up: Joanna Rudowicz
Editing: Marie Claude Millette ( Fh-Studio )
Color Calibration: ObliqueFX / Chuck:
Music and Sound By Sonart: