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In response to streaming platforms

THE UNKNOWN Agency offers A new way for brands to shine bright in the streaming era!

Montreal, XXX, 2019 – With the numerous emerging on demand platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+, Apple Tv + to name a few, audiences and consumers have found a whole ad Free and interruption free universe. And they love it

Cable subscriptions are dropping, and the digital world became another traditional channel. Ad blockers are rising and skip buttons have transformed the digital landscape into another stress form for advertisers. Today more than ever, brands have to reinvent themselves if they want to stay relevant to their audiences. Based in Montreal, THE UNKNOWN Agency was created in response to this reality. The company specializes in branded entertainment.

“The solution is no longer in the push, but rather in the pull. Branded entertainment aligns perfectly with this new reality. It’s what clients want and what businesses need. This should be seen as a major opportunity for brands to recapture audiences lost from traditional media. It’s definitely the present and future of the industry,” says Fayçal Hajji, founder and CEO of THE UNKNOWN.

“But what exactly is branded entertainment, and how is it different from conventional advertising? “Branded entertainment is a fusion between two industries: advertising and entertainment.  It’s not to be mistaken with product placement. We are talking about building a whole universe around a brand, its values and its mission” explains Chief Creative Officer and Vice-President Pascal de Decker. “By creating relevant and authentic content, whether it’s web or TV series, events, short films, documentaries, a podcast, a music video or stand-up comedy show, we create experiences that audiences will watch, connect with and want to share and talk about,” he adds.

New ways of thinking lead to new ways of doing. THE UNKNOWN relies on a more flexible structure centered on strategy, creation, and production, which streamlines project delivery and allows teams to focus their efforts where they are needed most.

Using data and technology to boost audience engagement

A pilot project is currently in development. By analyzing the available data on a given marketing target, THE UNKNOWN’s technology helps build and develop precisely targeted audiences for every kind of content.  This leads to better, cheaper distribution.  

According to Fayçal Hajji, “We’re working to develop a system that helps us build hyper‑targeted—and therefore more engaged—audiences, thanks to software that automatically optimizes data and audiences as well as distribution”.

In fact, The Montreal Agency THE UNKNOWN was selected by Inno-Centre, the top Canadian Accelerator program helping innovative businesses with growth, acquisition, and technology development.

Headquartered in the historic district of Saint-Henri, the company is an offshoot of FH Studio, a production house created by entrepreneur Fayçal Hajji more than 10 years ago. Pascal de Decker, whose impressive career in communications includes leadership roles at Cossette, Taxi, and Havas, among others, has come on board as Partner, Vice-President and Chief Creative Officer.


THE UNKNOWN is a Montreal-based agency that specializes in branded entertainment. By combining advertising, entertainment, and technology, THE UNKNOWN™ helps advertisers use tailor-made content to connect with their audience. The agency’s services include consulting, strategy, creation, production, distribution, measurement of content effectiveness, and monetization. 

At just a few months old, THE UNKNOWN already has ten or so branded entertainment projects underway for key clients, including Volvo, Dodge Ram, Ubisoft, Bombardier Commercial, and Bombardier Business.

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