Joseph Ghaleb is a canadian Film director specializing in fashion films. What inevitably sets Joseph’s work apart from other directors & cinematographers is his highly developed artistic sensibility and his innate talent for capturing evocative images that leave a lasting impression on the viewer. Having initially studied graphic design, his vision can be attributed to his meticulous attention to detail and his dexterous choice and devotion in arousing the meditative and the aesthetic regardless of the subject. He executes sensual and poetic photography, editing and colouring, while overseeing production goals from start to finish. Rather than being just a commodity or a technician, Joseph yearningly offers a complete vision. Graduating with a bachelors degree in Design & Computation Arts at Concordia University, Joseph is dedicated to work that communicates and inspires.


▲ 2013 NEWAD ArtHere Canada Photography Contest Winner ▲ 25th (Concrete Love) ▲ (Concrete Love) ▲ Nightlife Magazine Winner (Habitat 67 Photo Submission) ▲ Geotourisme 2011 Feature (Habitat 67 Photo series) ▲ 2009 – Montreal – Rendez Vous Du Cinema Quebecois – Art & Experimentation Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois