Canadian born director Marc-André Debruyne's love for visual storytelling is more than apparent in each piece he creates. Whether it is commercial work or a music video, his style is powered by a fresh sense of design and composition - a result of studying the arts and architecture for a number of years prior to attending film school in Toronto.

After graduating with a baa in film studies, his passion for music and its expression through music videos helped foster ideas that were itching to come to life. Marc-André's attention to visual detail, along with his dedication to capture emotions in their purest forms, results in an unforgettable tapestry of iconic imagery, touching his audience and creating lasting images in all of his work.

Marc-André is fluent in both French and English, having spent his childhood summers living with his grandmother from his father's side in Paris. his mother, being of Filipino descent has given Marc-André a cultural diversity like no other. His life experiences at home and abroad fuel his imagination and inspiration and have contributed to a very subtle, innocent, yet playful sense of humour.

Marc-André has since directed over 160 music videos and commercials in Canada and internationally. In 2012 Marc-André was awarded "director of the year" at the much music video awards in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.