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Welcome Dan Lim !

Fh Studio is proud to annoncea new photographer in its roster. Welcome to Dan Lim, one of the most fashionable in Toronto, he specializes in Fashion and Advertising! His experience and his creativity have him being an important add for Fh Studio. Dan’s directorial and visual style is both sophisticated and inviting, appealing to a diverse clientele in the Fashion, Beauty, Editorial and Advertising industry. Its been his honor to work for such prestigious clients as American Express, AT&T, Bell Canada, CIBC Bank, as well as Hudson Bay, Jones New York, Laura Canada, Levis, Mexx, Triumph Lingerie, Coppley…

His shootings like Mistress of the Moroccan Manor, Pacific Savagez Motorcycle Club, La La Land or Drawning Down to the Moon proove his expertise and his taste for the Image alchemy. I just love creating images and all that it entails. The creative concept. The lighting. The location or studio set. My creative team of stylist, hair and make up artist. The fashion. The models. I love it all! I get an incredible rush from transforming the vision in my head to seeing it in print. That’s what drives me”.

Dan has won numerous international awards for his photography and film work from the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, Communication Arts, How Magazine, Applied Arts and the Summit Creative Awards. He has been featured in a 20 minute documentary by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) on his photography.








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