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A colorful series by award winner Photographer Sylvain Dumais – Grafika

A great article about our talented Photographer and film director Sylvain Dumais on Grafika


Each year, a different photographer is authorized to sign under a minute with , which appears each month in the magazine Infopresse, this year, Sylvain Dumais represented by Fh-Studio has prepared a series of clichés. Back on the images of this series. 

"Having previously worked with Leda & St. Jacques ,  Marc Montplaisir , who had signed a series collodion (ie, black and white), and Neil Mota, whose series was on a black background, the idea was there go with a more playful and colorful series, explains Arnaud Granata, content director and editor of the magazine Infopresse. Sylvain style lent itself so well to the intended spirit. "

Among those chosen to play the game of the questionnaire and the photo shoot, we find: Nicolas Marin, CEO of Touché! MDGs ; Nancy Thibodeau, Vice President, Development, Jet Films , Paul Maco, founder of Apollo Studios, Chloe Boissonneault, Senior Director, Communications-Marketing, Bell Media , Marlene Hins, principal image, advertising and sponsorships, Rona , Louis Gagnon, associate creative director Paprika , Douglas Bensadoun, creative director and vice president, marketing, d ' Aldo and Geneviève Grenier, co-CEO and director of strategy Nolin BBDO .

Sylvain Dumais is a photographer and a film director. In 2009, he was awarded the mention ADC Young Guns, select club organization Art Directors Club . He has worked for brands such as TFO, V8, milk, McDonald's, Shellys London, Lego and SubwayTo view his work / Portfolio, click here.

Source: Grafika

Writer: Catherine Boulet



Nicolas Marin, Touché! MDGs


Nancy Thibodeau, Jet Films

Chloe Boissonneault, Bell Media
Douglas Bensadoun, Aldo
Louis Gagnon, Paprika
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