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FH Studio Gets a makeover.

The Chinese calendar presents 2014 as the year marked under the sign of the horse, symbol of the action and creativity. The production company FH Studio, is placed in the heart of this momentum and is pleased to introduce its new branding and design by ANTRO, the new creative agency Montréal.

FH Studio refreshed its image, as well as a complete redesign of its web site. Thanks to a fresh, intuitive and responsive design, the new website showcases in uncluttered manner its artists, its achievements and its productions services. "I wanted to convert the access to a lot of information in a friendly interactive experience. It was essential that the identity of Fh Studio is strong, without taking over the artists they represents "expressed Gary Paitre, Creative Director and partner of ANTRO". Excellent work has been made after  three months of a very close collaboration between the two Fh Studio and Antro, which got rewarded as  "site of the day" award by the prestigious wwwards.com.

The mobile version will be launched very soon. We will keep you inform.

A new Add on to FH studio, now offering a new E-commerce photography service to retailers and any business with an e-commerce site: "the idea is to offer a turnkey solution to our customers whose key words are: consistency, quality and price." The idea is to help e-commerce to grow through photos ensure attractiveness and visibility "says Faisal Hajji, founder of Fh Studio.

antro_fhstudio_2 antro_fhstudio_3 antro_fhstudio_4 antro_fhstudio_1

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